Welcome to ShamanZoom. Please feel welcome to have a look around and see if there is anything you are interested in.

Please note… all listed times are Pacific Standard or Daylight time, depending on the season.




Thursdays   9:00 am



Fridays   8:30 am

           Morning chat


First Saturdays

           Dance Ceremony

           with Sandra Kjelsson


Second Saturdays

          Journey Group


Third Saturdays Starts August 3rd

          New Paradigm Shamanism 




A New offering: 

New Paradigm Shamanism begins August 3rd. This group will explore shamanism in the new paradigm and how this path is informed by the changes and spiritual evolution humankind is experiencing in these times. This group will meet for 9 months for one and a half hours, beginning at 9:00 am.


If you have a virtual  group and need a place to host it, contact Karen for a conversation about how Shaman zoom can ptovide space.

Transfiguration    Weekly: Thursdays:   9:00am


Journey Group   2nd Saturday of the month  9:00 am

It is necessary for those who participate to have journey skills and a good working relationship with their helping spirits.

If you are interested but do not know how to do a shamanic journey. please contact Karen.


Friday Women’s Group  Weekly: Fridays 8:30

Welcome to a time to come together to chat and connect.

Shamanic practitioners and energy workers who want to meet and share with other practitioners are welcome to join in.


First Saturdays with Sandra Kjelsson

Intuitive medicine dance with Reiki infusion.


Eucharistic Celebration

Sundays 9:00 AM Pacific Time

(Please note: Connect via www.olota.net)