Transfiguration is a spiritual practice of experiencing one’s own divine radiance. We are always in a state of transfiguration, as we are always in a state of radiance. The transfiguration ceremony is a means for our conscious awareness of this natural state of Being.

          When we are in a transfiguration ceremony, we are not do any work, an there is no intention set, except to experience consciously the radiance that we are. we acknowledge that the Circle we are within is the entire circle of Life. Prior to the ceremony itself, we acknowledge and witness the inclusion of those we know, seeing them present. We do this by listing their names in the chat and then proclaiming those beings in a sacred way.

          Transfiguration as a shamanic practice is described in Sandra Ingerman’s book,  Medicine for the Earth,   Chapter 16, pages 189-199.

          The Thursday Morning Transfiguration Group provides a time when we come together to experience this radiance and bring healing by simply being who we truly are – beings of Light.  We start at 9:00 am Pacific Coast time


          Introduction:  Acknowledgement of all present

          Transfiguration:   Using toning to help with achieving  and maintaining a conscious transfigured state.

          After the ceremony itself, while we are still in the awareness of our transfigured state, we use sound and words to create the world we want to see evolve. Remembering that all words have power, it is important to use words that are positive and higher vibrational.  Be attentive to not speak words such as “polution”, “war”, “fear”…. as what we speak, we create, and in that state, the words we use have great creative power. The healing work we do in that time is Spirit-led.

          Closure:  After transfiguring, it is important to be grounded. We close the Circle together.

          Prior to connecting to this Zoom event, please do your “powering up” preparation work so that when you enter the virtual circle, you are prepared.

          If you have questions, please contact Karen: